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Wafer Inspection and Metrology

Nordson DAGE offer a comprehensive range of inline and lab based X-ray inspection and metrology solutions for assessing and monitoring wafer level quality.

  • Check shape, fill level and voiding in TSV through silicon vias.
  • Inspect build quality, wire bonds, component alignment and solder & adhesive voiding during MEMS manufacture.
  • Check for bump presence, shape, position and voiding in wafer bumps.
  • Find defects such as cold joints, head in pillow and misalignment in 2.5D and 3D wafer level packages.



Quadra 7 Nordson DAGE Xray


Quadra 7 is a versatile, lab based solution for wafer level inspection offering industry leading magnification and image quality.

Load wafers manually and check for sub-micron size defects using the intuitive, quick to learn Gensys™ point and click control software.



All the benefits and performance of Quadra 7, with integrated wafer handling.  Quadra W8 allows operators to inspect wafers directly from the FOUP without needing to handle the wafer

 DAGE Quadra W8

The complete solution for operator free, automated X-ray wafer metrology.  XM8000 is specifically designed for inline use in clean room environments.

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