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Hot bump pull

Hot bump pull test method patented by Nordson DAGE that allows pads and interfaces to be pull tested using a heated copper pin.

The latest pad cratering standard, IPC-9708, defines hot bump pull as a method to evaluate the susceptibility of printed board assembly materials and designs to cohesive dielectric failure underneath surface mount technology attach pads. A method that can be used to rank order and compare different materials and parameters.


The Nordson DAGE 4000Plus HBP system is a totally industry unique solution, conforming to IPC-9708 as well as JEITA ET-7407A. It is fully integrated into a single load cartridge. Heating, cooling stages and pin clamping mechanism are integrated into the single load cartridge. The Paragon™ software provides a user friendly interface via temperature time profiles to setup a test. The cartridge design allow simple straight test pins to be used, allowing maximum force to be transferred as well as providing a low cost consumable for testing. The pin design provides successful and consistent testing. It is important to pull the pin vertically, directly by the apparatus without imposing any bending moments.