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The Nordson DAGE micro-mechanical test system has a wide range of tooling that permits compression loads to be applied to small samples. Forces that can be applied from a few grams (mN) to 100 kg (1000 N).

At low loads, compliant load cells can be used for better control of loading rate, making it possible to perform non-destructive tests on very small and stiff samples.

Cyclic loading

Load holding

Profile loading


USB Connection Testing

USB connectors now live up to their name of being a truly universal serial lead. USB connectors are expected to reliably work for several years, despite regular insertion and withdrawals that can add up to hundreds of cycles. Some connectors may suffer from wear due to these repeated operations, so it is important to know how many cycles of insertion and withdrawal a USB connector design can sustain without a degradation in its electrical or mechanical performance.

Cyclic loading not only provides useful information on connector lifetime, but is also a means of testing design changes, such pin shape, spring force, coatings and lubrication.
Complete connectors or individual pins can be tested and electrical Resistance measurements can be used to assess the damage done by small repeated movements (Fretting), Figure 1.

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