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Cavity shear

Nordson DAGE bondtesters provide cavity shear testing as an alternative method for applying loads to solder balls and wire bonds. It is particularly useful maximising the force applied to the interconnect. This makes it more likely to achieve the failure mode of interest.

The integrity of the bond between gold balls and pad is tested by applying a shear force to the ball. The cavity shear method of shear testing has been developed that significantly improves the quality of data. The patented Nordson DAGE cavity shear test applied the load in a uniform so as deformation of the ball bond is minimized during the test. US Patent 6,341,530 (07-021).

A new shear tool design is used with the following advantages.

  • Increase in accuracy and quality of bond strength test data
  • Increase in the total test force applied to the bond
  • Reduced bond deformation

Shear testing is in accordance with:

  • JEDEC JESD22-B116 - Au Ball Shear
  • JEDEC JESD22-B117 - Solder Ball Shear

The patented Nordson DAGE cavity shear test methodology overcomes passivation interference and removes the maximum amount of material which is difficult to achieve using a traditional chisel style loadtool.  In addition due to the uniform way in which the load is applied, deformation of the ball bond is minimized during the test.

The typical deformation of gold balls is shown in pictures below. These bonds were non-destructively tested to the mean bond strength, so that the ball is deformed but the bond did not fully fail. It can be seen that the deformation with a chisel tool changes the shape of the ball more than the cavity tool.

Cavity shear Cavity shear

 Chisel tool

Chisel tool

 Cavity shear tool

Cavity tool