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Technical Papers - X-ray Inspection

X-ray Technology

2D X-ray Inspection with Materials and Thickness Identification
As presented at SMTAI 2016, Dr Evstatin Krastev (PhD) explains how to perform 2D inspections for materials and thickness identification using a Nordson DAGE X-ray system.

Advances in X-ray Tube Technology

Comparing Digital and Analogue X-ray Inspection of BGA, Flip Chip and CSP

X-ray Dose Considerations
In this Application Note, Dr Nick Dajda summarizes X-ray radiation dose, and the techniques that can be employed to reduce radiation exposure to samples in your Quadra™ X-ray Inspection System.  



X-ray / Bondtester Reliability Study of BGA Devices - Impact of Interfacial Voiding

Implications of Using Lead Free Solders on X-ray Inspection of Flip Chips and BGAs

Investigating Voids - Circuit Assembly Article

Does PCB Pad Finish Affect Voiding Levels in Lead Free Assemblies 

Non Destructive Techniques for Identifying Defects in BGA Joints: TDR, 2DX and Cross Section / SEM Comparison

Soldering Process Improvement of Critical SMT Connectors

Correlating the Presence of Popcorned BGA Devices Post Reflow with solder-ball diameter measurements from X-ray Inspection  

Common Process Defect Identification of QFN Packages  

3D Board Level X-Ray Inspection Via Limited Angle Computer Tomography  

Recent Advances in the X-ray Inspection Technology with Emphasis on Large Board Computer Tomography and Automation  

Modern 2D X-ray Tackles BGA Defects  

Modern 2D / 3D X-ray Inspection - Emphasis on BGA, QFN, 3D Packages and Counterfeit Components

Heated Stage App Note

Heated Stage Reflow Simulator
Reflow individual components to see solder joint formation in real-time in regions only accessible to X-ray. The Heated Stage accessory for Quadra™ allows you to heat samples through pre-defined temperature profiles and see the results live using X-ray. Cover gases can also be applied to simulate inert reflow. Learn more with this paper by Chris Rand.



X-ray Inspection for Nano Technology



The Challenges of Package on Package (PoP) Devices During Assembly and Inspection

Considerations for Minimizing Radiation Doses to Components during X-ray Inspection

Computerized Tomography Meets the Challenges of IC Package Inspection 



Quality and Reliability Investigation on Printed Circuit Board Micro-Vias by X-ray Inspection