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Technical Papers - Bondtesting


Brittle Failure Mechanism if SnAgCu and SnPb Solder Balls during High Speed Ball Shear and Cold Ball Pull Tests
This paper details the investigation of brittle solder joint failure mechanisms during high-speed solder ball shear and pull testing.

Ribbon Testing App Note

X-ray / Bondtester Reliability Study of BGA Devices - Impact of Interfacial Voiding

Dage - Atotech Case Study

Dage - Unovis Case Study

High-Speed Solder Ball Shear and Pull Tests vs. Board Level Mechanical Drop Tests
This study compares high-speed bondtesting with board level drop testing of BGA packages. 


Battery Testing Datasheet

Battery Bondtesting Blind Spot


Overcoming Passivation Layer Interference in Ball Shear Testing App Note

Bondtesting of Memory Devices

Low Profile Zone Shear App Note

Cu Pillar App Note

First Bond Ball and Stud Bump Pull for Copper Interconnects App Note

Hot Bump Pull / Hot Pin Pull App Note

Dage - Desich SMART Center Case Study  

Dage - Micronas Case Study  

Dage - Amkor Case Study  

Dage - Kulicke and Soffa Case Study  

Dage - Celestica Case Study  

Dage - Orthodyne Case Study 

Bondtesting of Overhanging Die
This paper describes the difficulties of bondtesting overhanging die and how to overcome these.  

Camera Assist Automation

Mechanical Strength Testing of Thin Die

UV Curing App Note 


Solar Panel Bondtesting App Note

Solar Cell Bond Testing
The essential interconnects of solar cells are discussed here with the importance of testing their reliability and integrity. 


Bondtesting of LEDs App Note