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Technical Papers

X-ray Dose Considerations
In this Application Note, Dr Nick Dajda summarizes X-ray radiation dose, and the techniques that can be employed to reduce radiation exposure to samples in your Quadra™ X-ray Inspection

Adhesion Strength Test Method for Thick Ribbon Solar Panels
In this paper, Dr Dan Bailey (PhD) discusses how to optimize the test method for adhesion strength test for thick ribbon solar panels using the peel test fixture on the Nordson DAGE 4000Plus bondtester. 

Micro Testing Thin Die
Alan King discusses the need for micro testing thin die and how to perform tests with Nordson DAGE bondtesters.

2D X-ray Inspection with Materials and Thickness Identification
As presented at SMTAI 2016, Dr Evstatin Krastev (PhD) explains how to perform 2D inspections for materials and thickness identification using a Nordson DAGE X-ray system. 

Brittle Failure Mechanism if SnAgCu and SnPb Solder Balls during High Speed Ball Shear and Cold Ball Pull Tests
This paper details the investigation of brittle solder joint failure mechanisms during high-speed solder ball shear and pull testing.

Bondtesting of Overhanging Die
This paper describes the difficulties of bondtesting overhanging die and how to overcome these.  

High-Speed Solder Ball Shear and Pull Tests vs. Board Level Mechanical Drop Tests
This study compares high-speed bondtesting with board level drop testing of BGA packages. 

Materials Testing for Microelectronics
This paper details the different types of materials testing available with Nordson DAGE bondtesters. 

Solar Cell Bond Testing
The essential interconnects of solar cells are discussed here with the importance of testing their reliability and integrity. 


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