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Technical Experts - Leading the way in Test and Inspection

With their unrivaled knowledge, Nordson's Technical Experts provide a wealth of information and guidance on test and inspection. Here are a few of our latest papers.

   Alan King  Evstatin Krastev  
 Dr Nick Dajda Alan King  Dr Evstatin Krastev



X-ray Dose Considerations
In this Application Note, Dr Nick Dajda summarizes X-ray radiation dose, and the techniques that can be employed to reduce radiation exposure to samples in your Quadra™ X-ray Inspection

Micro Testing Thin Die
Alan King discusses the need for micro testing thin die and how to perform tests with Nordson DAGE bondtesters.

2D X-ray Inspection with Materials and Thickness Identification
As presented at SMTAI 2016, Dr Evstatin Krastev (PhD) explains how to perform 2D inspections for materials and thickness identification using a Nordson DAGE X-ray system.  


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