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XD7500VR Jade FP

High quality, real time imaging for production tasks, Jade FP is the cost effective choice for electronics inspection.

  • Nordson DAGE Open, Transmissive X-ray Tube
  • < 0.95 μm Feature Recognition Tube
  • 160 kV Tube with Full 3W of Target Power at Sub-Micron Feature Recognition
  • Nordson DAGE 1.33 Mpixel @ 10fps Long Lifetime CMOS Flat Panel Detector with Real Time
    Image Enhancements
  • Geometric Magnification 1,400 X, System 4,200 X
  • 29” x 22.8” (736 x 580 mm) Maximum Board Size
  • Up to 65° Oblique Views without Loss of Magnification
  • 23” TFT LCD Monitor
  • No Programming Skills Required for Automated Inspection Tasks
  • High Quality Real Time Imaging
  • μCT Option


Nordson DAGE, the only X-ray company whose focus is on X-ray electronics inspection, offers the Nordson DAGE XD7500VR Jade FP X-ray inspection system that uses the latest technology flat panel detector to provide the market-leading, cost effective approach where high quality real time imaging is needed for production tasks. With a great specification, this foundation platform easily outperforms the competition.

The Nordson DAGE open, transmissive  X-ray tube, with its long lifetime filament technology, together with the high quality 1.33 Mpixel CMOS flat panel detector makes this jewel of a system provide the most cost effective choice in terms of price and performance for the high magnification and high resolution real-time imaging necessary for electronics inspection. The vertical system configuration, with the X-ray tube sitting below the isocentric ‘move and tilt’ of the detector, all controlled through the simple, joystick-free  ‘point and click’
software. This provides the safe and collision-free inspection for production applications. All these tasks can be simply and quickly automated without the need for programming skills.