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Quadra™ W8

Wafer X-ray Inspection

Quadra W8 is a versatile, lab based solution for wafer level inspection offering industry leading magnification and image quality.


  • Check shape, fill level and voiding in TSV through silicon vias.
  • Inspect build quality, wire bonds, component alignment and solder & adhesive voiding during MEMS manufacture.
  • Check for bump presence, shape, position and voiding in wafer bumps.
  • Find defects such as cold joints, head in pillow and misalignment in 2.5D and 3D wafer level packages.


Integrated wafer handling ensures operators can inspect wafer level quality directly from the FOUP without needing to handle the wafer.


See the finest details

Quadra™ W8 creates unbeatable images making it easy to see even the tiniest details and find defects quickly.

  • Integrated image chain reveals defects as small as 0.1µm. Tube, power supply and detector are all designed and manufactured in house for electronics applications
  • Advanced enhancement filters bring out the sharpest images
  • Unbeatable resolution with the Aspire 6.7 MP detector

Simplicity as standard

X-ray inspection should be as easy and intuitive to use as possible. Quadra W8 allows occasional users and experienced operators to see incredible X-ray images quickly, easily and with minimal training.

  • Minimize operator training with intuitive Gensys software
  • Automate image acquisition with AIR routines
  • Find defects fast with mouse point and click control


Automated wafer handling

Inspect wafers straight from the FOUP. Quadra™ W8 ensures maximum wafer integrity by removing any operator manual wafer handling.

  • EFEM handling ensures complete wafer protection
  • SECS/GEM factory host integration for tracking and control
  • SEMI S2, S8 compliant
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