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Heated Stage X-ray Option

Viewing solder flow in real time allows for quick and informed decisions.

The Heated Stage is specifically designed to observe solder paste flow in real time. The ability to simulate the temperature environment of a thermal oven or that of an external environment makes viewing voids and defects a must for in-depth analysis. 



  • Research and failure analysis labs will benefit from the ability to accurately and quickly prototype or investigate samples
  • Sites can quickly determine thermal oven profiles along with properties of solder paste compounds
  • Failures in the fields due to high thermal conditions can be examined in a controlled process
  • Suitable for BGA, LED, IGBT, material testing and joint interfaces
  • Optional add-on for the Quadra™ 7 and Quadra™ 5



  • Up to 350°C
  • 45° oblique angle view
  • Export movie and data
  • Provision for cover gas (e.g. Nitrogen) for inert operation to eliminate oxidization*
  • Oxygen monitor
  • Programmable heat profile
  • Top and bottom heater for even heat distribution

*Cover gases are compatible with hardware

Video stills of heated stage option

Video stills showing 'live' view of solder flow using our high resolution QuadraNT™ tube and AspireFP™ detector