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X-ray Shielding Technology

Lead containing compounds have been progressively withdrawn from use in consumer products over recent years, and specific initiatives such as the EU RoHS directive continually seek to minimize lead and other hazardous substances from entering the environment.

Despite this trend, lead is still in widespread use for shielding X-ray radiation, and is permissible in the EU through a RoHS exemption. However, as we developed Explorer™ one we saw an opportunity to make a fundamental change for the better. We developed EnviroShield™. 

EnviroShield is a new proprietary (patent pending), lead free X-ray shielding technology from Nordson DAGE. It is nontoxic and easy to dispose of at end of life. We hope EnviroShield in Explorer one will help us divert hundreds of tonnes of lead from being used in the future. 

At Nordson DAGE we already take steps to promote a supply chain that is free of conflict minerals. With EnviroShield technology, you can now help reduce the amount of lead consumed in the future.


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