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The correct material in the correct quantity at the right time in the right place.


Ensure your production is smooth running and cost efficient with Assure™.


Assure  is the fastest, simplest and most reliable way to implement live component inventory management into your organization. Intelligent, simple, fast, and trustworthy, Assure enables you to increase productivity and minimize component shortage downtime.



Trays intelligent algorithmESD Packs - Drypacks Counting






Intelligent Algorithm
Specialized logical algorithms and self-learning capabilities empower operators to add (not teach) new component types without needing cumbersome libraries that require programming, or reliance on “cloud-only” support.


Simplicity as Design
One button operation and an intuitive touchscreen interface means users can learn to operate Assure within minutes. Installation is easy with an exceptionally small footprint and system weight. Maintenance free operation minimizes disruption during day to day use.


Fast in Counting

Optimized for speed, Assure counts components fast so you can process inventory sooner, and minimize labor time and cost. Count a single reel in approximately 10 seconds and four reels under 15 seconds.


Trust in Results 
Assure validates results immediately and automatically with accuracy exceeding 99.9% on most components, guaranteeing the quality of the count.




Dimensions (mm)


0,75 m


0,70 m


2,25 m


Total weight

approx. 360 kg

Power supply

Operating voltage

~ 110...230V, 16 A, 50/60 Hz

Earthing connection of the building

1 x 2.5 mm²


Noise levels

< 60 dB

Climatic conditions

Ambient temperature

15 °C to 28 °C

Air humidity

30 to 70 percent


Operating system

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

Control software

Dage Deutschland Assure™_Software

Material (SMD container)

Reel diameter

max. 38 cm

Reel height

max. 10 cm

Performance data

Process time

approx. 10 s per scan process

Counting accuracy

> 99.9 percent

X-ray system


Max. power

240…360 W

Max. Voltage

60 kV

Max. stream

4... 6 mA

Max. power consumption

max. 520 W

Operating parameters

58...60 kV / 3.5...4 mA / 200... 240 W

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