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Paragon™ Software

Nordson DAGE’s intelligent bond testing software Paragon™ takes bond testing to the next level. Its highly intuitive and configurable interface provides quick and easy access to advanced functionality, such as automatic GR&R calculation, built-in diagnostics, a unique database search engine wizard and superior reporting; increasing efficiency and providing 100% confidence in your bond testing results.

Quick and Easy to Use
Paragon’s intuitive design ensures test set-up parameters are easily accessible with the start-up check list enabling a quick start. The three main tabs, Testing, Analysis and Machine, provide quick access to where you need to be with the powerful search engine putting data at your fingertips without you having to trawl through the database.

Flexible Analysis and Reporting
Paragon provides an incredibly flexible analysis suite suitable for the most demanding of applications combined with a powerful statistical results display, for mean, maximum and minimum range, standard deviation, mean – 3s, Cpk and Cp.

Data is easy to manipulate using the unique interactive graphing tool which allows fields to be edited, and several graphs to be displayed at one time which the operator can easily zoom in and resize.  Test results can be saved directly to Microsoft® Excel and Word as well as Adobe® Acrobat, while graphs can be exported in common picture formats, such as .jpg, .tif and .bmp. Paragon can be configured to output results into industry leading SPC packages.

Consistency Guaranteed
Advanced failure mode grading assists with accurate and quick grading while the automatic GR&R calculator ensures accurate pre-shipment acceptance testing, by determining the bondtester’s level of repeatability and reproducibility.

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