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Microelectronics play a vital role in automotive design and manufacture to deliver the high level of functionality and built-in intelligence that today’s consumers expect from a vehicle. Hybrid microcircuit technology and MEM’s devices are utilized in environmentally protected modules throughout a vehicle, the majority of which are quite substantial in size.

Nordson DAGE bondtesters address these specific requirements by providing an increased working envelope to cater for the module size, as well as having the ability to gain access deep into the module in order to conduct the test.  Both manual and fully automatic testing solutions provide highest accuracy combined with intuitive and user friendly interface. 

Nordson DAGE Jade, Ruby and Diamond X-ray inspection systems with CT and large board CT (X-Plane) provide the best in the industry X-ray inspection solutions for production, engineering, R&D, and failure analysis. The newly introduced Xi3400 fully automated X-ray inspection system is a must when an auto solution is required. 

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4000 Optima Bondtester

4000 Optima Bondtester The fastest and most accurate bondtester. The Nordson DAGE 4000 Optima is optimized for fast, accurate and reliable bond testing in the volume manufacturing environment.  The combination of patented…

4000HS High Speed Bondtester

4000HS High Speed Bondtester The Nordson DAGE 4000HS bondtester is based upon the industry standard Nordson DAGE 4000 multi-purpose bondtester platform. The 4000HS has significant differences to the mode of operation for both…

Unique Multi-Function Cartridges

Unique Multi-Function Cartridges Switch Applications in Just Seconds! Nordson DAGE’s thorough understanding of bond testing in the volume manufacturing environment underpins the no-compromise development of industry-unique…

4000 Multipurpose Bondtester

4000 Multipurpose Bondtester The 4000 bondtester is multipurpose, capable of performing all pull and shear applications. The 4000 bondtester can be configured as a simple wire pull tester and upgraded to provide ball shear, die…

Computerized Tomography (CT) Option

Computerized Tomography (CT) Option The Nordson DAGE µCT inspection option provides Computerized Tomography (CT) functionality to compliment the 2D X-ray investigations on Nordson DAGE X-ray inspection systems

Heated Stage X-ray Option

Heated Stage X-ray Option The Heated Stage is specifically designed to observe solder paste flow in real time. The ability to simulate the temperature environment of a thermal oven or that of an external environment makes…

X-Plane System Option

X-Plane System Option Watch the video to find out more about X-Plane System option. 

MatriX Series AXI

MatriX Series AXI Nordson has added to its Test and Inspection capabilities with the acquisition of MatriX Technologies  

Micro Materials Testing

Micro Materials Testing With 30 years' experience in small geometry testing, Nordson DAGE pioneers mirco materials testing, offering unrivalled expertise and capability across a range of materials and applications.

Paragon™ Software

Paragon™ Software Nordson DAGE’s intelligent bond testing software Paragon™ takes bond testing to the next level. Its highly intuitive and configurable interface provides quick and easy access to advanced…

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