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Hybrid microcircuit technology is utilized throughout an aircraft to deliver the complex high performance functions that are required across a wide range of areas.

Nordson DAGE bondtesters provide the accuracy that is essential for both destructive and non-destructive mechanical test evaluation to be performed in a repeatable manner, for both the development of new aerospace microelectronics and in the production line. 

Nordson DAGE Ruby and Diamond Series X-ray inspection systems are ideal for this group of industries.  Easy to use, providing highest quality images with sub-micron resolution (market leading 0.1 micron feature recognition for the Diamond system), are more than capable to handle demanding applications including metal cored boards and copper backed Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs).


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Nordson DAGE

MEMs devices are critical in automotive and aerospace as well as many other high tech industries.  Nordson DAGE bondtesters are providing the industry with manual and fully automatic solutions for…

Cirtronics Installs High Performance X-ray Inspection Solution

Nordson DAGE

Nordson DAGE is pleased to announce that it has been selected by Cirtronics for its Quadra™ 5 flexible X-ray inspection solution.

Quadra™ 7

Nordson DAGE

At the cutting edge of X-ray inspection performance, Quadra 7 shows you features and defects as small as 0.1µm, non destructively.

Quadra Series Brochure

Nordson DAGE

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