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Nordson Test and Inspection to Showcase Market-leading X-ray Inspection Systems at APEX


Nordson DAGE and MatriX Technologies, divisions of Nordson Corporation (NASDAQ: NDSN), will exhibit in Booth #1845 at the 2016 IPC APEX EXPO, scheduled to take place March 15-17, 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Attendees are encouraged to make an appointment now and bring a sample to the stand. The Nordson DAGE Ruby and Diamond FP MXI (Manual X-ray Inspection) and MatriX Technologies new X3# AXI (Automated X-ray Inspection) systems will be showcased. 

Automated High Speed Inspection in SMT Production

Designed for sophisticated high-speed inspection the MatriX X3# is an automated inspection system boasting Transmission X-ray Technology with patented Slice-Filter-Technique™ (SFT), Off-Axis technology and 3D SART, which present a flexible solution package for in-line inspection of single and double-sided PCB assemblies.

The X3# movable detector axes allow high-speed off-axis image acquisition from different angles and directions with maximum image quality and resolution. The advanced Algorithm Library for sophisticated image processing ensures state-of-the-art classification.

Digital X-ray Systems

Nordson DAGE's award winning X-ray systems have been specifically and ergonomically designed for PCB and semiconductor industries offering high resolution nano-focus X-ray systems not only within failure analysis laboratories but also within the production environment.

The Nordson DAGE XD7600NT Diamond FP X-ray inspection system with QuickView CT utilizes the latest technology to provide the ultimate choice for the highest quality in X-ray imaging on the market today.

The unique Nordson DAGE NT maintenance-free, sealed transmissive X-ray tube, providing 0.1 µm feature recognition and up to 10 W of power, together with the 3 Mpixel @ 25fps Long Lifetime CMOS Flat Panel Detector, makes this system the choice for the highest performance and highest magnification imaging tasks.

The Nordson DAGE XD7600NT Ruby X-ray inspection system is the benchmark system for the most demanding production applications.