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The key element of the identity system is the Nordson logo, a distinctive graphic symbol that elicits immediate name recognition for Nordson and its products.

Logo 1


The Nordson logo consists of two integrated elements - the graphic "arc" symbol and the communicative name "Nordson". Since both elements have been designed to work as one to maintain and build a strong identity, both elements must always appear together exactly as shown. The size relationships between the graphic symbol and the communicative name must not be changed.

The Nordson logo respects the heritage of previous Nordson logos while offering a more contemporary look and feel. The "Nordson arc" provides an upward tilt, signifying growth and possibilities for the future. The arc also ends in a precise point, signifying Nordson's leadership in precision technologies. Removal of the previous Nordson oval also allows for better use with approved sub-brand names (see below).

Over time, Nordson has acquired several companies with strong brand equity of their own. As part of its overall branding strategy, the company has decided to maintain these company names as sub-brands of the Nordson master brand. The only currently approved sub-brand logos are pictured below. Internal product line units or organizational names (e.g. "Nonwovens", "PPC", etc.) within the company should be identified in text only and should not be represented with specialized sub-brand logos or graphics.

Logo 2

The Nordson logo and approved sub-brand logos described here are the primary marks used to represent Nordson. The full value of the Nordson family of logos as the company's primary identifiers is achieved only when they are used consistently in all communications materials. Inconsistent logo usage diminishes their value and could impede the company's ability to prove damages should litigation become necessary.

Logo Usage
The Nordson logo is generally approved for use in three ways:

Logo 5

Nordson Blue Black White (Reversed Out)
Wherever possible, reproduction of the logo in Nordson blue is preferred (see Color Palette for specifics of Nordson blue). The Nordson Blue logo may be placed on white backgrounds or on one of the approved colors in Nordson's "light" color palette. (see Color Palette guidelines) The logo may appear in black in black and white applications where no color is used. The logo should appear in white (i.e. "reversed out") when it appears on black or on one of Nordson's approved secondary colors (see Color Palette guidelines)


Sub-brand logos are approved for use in a similar way. A small difference exists in color usage. In the case of an approved sub-brand color logo, the Nordson arc and name are produced in Nordson blue and the sub-brand name is produced in black. The sub-brand name should not appear in Nordson blue.

Logo 6

Area of Isolation
The position and size of the logo relative to other graphic elements are important considerations in any application because both influence immediate name recognition of Nordson. Therefore, a sufficient amount of clear space should be maintained around the logo to separate it from competing elements such as text, headlines and photography.

The area of isolation space on all sides of the logo should equal the height of the logo (1x), as shown. The value of this minimum distance will vary depending on the size of the logo used in a given application.

Logo 4

Minimum Size
The corporate logo should not be reproduced any smaller than 1/4 inch in height. (Rare exceptions may be made in the case of small products where labeling space is at a premium.)

Logo 3


Incorrect Use of the Logo
The Nordson family of logos is intended to represent Nordson and its worldwide operations to the public in a consistent and cohesive way. Therefore, even minor deviations from the design standards can undermine the value of the identity program.

To maintain high-quality reproduction, use only the electronic logo artwork. Questions concerning proper usage of the logo should be directed to Corporate Communications.

The following section provides general guidelines on proper usage of the logo.

  • Never permit insufficient contrast for proper identification
  • Never permit conflicting or cluttered backgrounds
  • Never violate the area of isolation
  • Never skew or italicize the logo
  • Never alter the proportions of the logo
  • Never use unapproved colors
  • Never enclose the logo in a border
  • Never add any marketing or internal business unit signatures (other than approved sub-brand names)
  • Never distort, redraw or redefine the logo's controlled shape
  • Never separate the Nordson arc graphic symbol from the Nordson name
  • Do not outline the logo
  • Do not change the typeface of the logo or the sub-brand

Logo 7c

Logo 7b

Logo 7a

The Nordson Blue Bar
Another unifying element in Nordson's global branding strategy is the Nordson Blue Bar. This bar of Nordson's primary blue color is placed at the bottom of collateral materials as a grounding element and to readily identify them as being part of the Nordson Corporation. The Nordson Blue Bar is incorporated into most advertising, catalogs and brochures, PowerPoint presentations, business cards, pre-printed letterhead and other materials. See guidelines and templates for specific items for further information.

In general, the following spatial relationship applies for using the Nordson Blue Bar:

Logo 8a

Logo 8b

Other Graphic Elements
In general, no new graphic elements beyond the Nordson family of logos and the Nordson Blue Bar should be created. In some cases, selected specialized logo or graphic elements that already exist in certain business units and that may have equity have been "grandfathered" into Nordson's brand standards. These are rare. Contact Corporate Communications for specific questions.

Internal Program Logos
Corporate Communications does not recommend the creation of new logos or identities for internal programs. Such logos have the potential to weaken the importance of the Nordson brand. Instead, the main identifier should be the Nordson logo with the specific title of the program listed in one of Nordson's approved corporate fonts.

In rare cases, an internal program may rise to the level of needing its own unique identity. A variety of high level criteria must be met in order for such an identity to be considered. These criteria include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The program under consideration must be corporate-wide and global in scope.
  • The program must have a substantial financial investment from the corporation (typically $1 million minimum).
  • The program must have a significant life span (typically permanent but at a minimum 3 years).
  • The program cannot be a department (for example, no identity will be created for "Legal" or "Research & Development").
  • The program's identity or logo must be created and approved by Nordson Corporate Communications.
  • The program's identity must be approved by the Chief Executive Officer.

To ensure consistency, the following logo design specifications have been developed for all internal programs. 

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Alternative Applications