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Medical device manufacturers use assembly solutions that deliver consistent accuracy and flexibility provided by Nordson ASYMTEK's precise fluid dispensing systems

Nordson ASYMTEK helps meet the unique requirements for medical device manufacturing while delivering consistent accuracy and flexibility.

Medical Device Assembly

Nordson ASYMTEK provides medical device manufacturers with precision fluid dispensing used during shroud bonding, cap bonding, lid sealing, encapsulation, gasketing and case assembly. These operations may have different requirements such as dispensing angle, dispensing speed and unique camera angle, while having common requirements like consistency, accuracy, linearity, adjustability, volume production capability and minimizing contamination. Various medical devices are manufactured using Nordson ASYMTEK fluid dispensing equipment:

  • Glucose measuring devices
  • Catheters
  • Drug vaporizers, inhalers
  • Endoscopy
  • Hearing aids
  • Implantable ophthalmology lens
  • Implantable tools for angioplasty
  • Pacemakers
  • Suture needles

Point-of-Care Device Assembly and Lab-on-a-Chip Assembly

Nordson ASYMTEK provides automated dispensing equipment for the assembly of point-of-care (POC) devices and lab-on-a-chip systems, delivering accuracy, consistency, linearity, adjustability, wax handling capability, and volume production capability while minimizing contamination. Major point-of-care analyzer companies are using Nordson ASYMTEK products to manufacture their devices. Nordson ASYMTEK's precise fluid dispensing equipment enable these requirements:

  • Consistent amounts of different reagents dispensed for POC devices and repeated precisely during manufacturing operations
  • Volume production through automated systems with closed-loop fluid process control
  • Consistent linearity for reagent dispensing
  • Minimizing contact between unnecessary tools and specimens by using non-contact dispensing technologies

The manufacture of lab-on-a-chip (biochip) devices for life science, drug discovery, biotechnology and ecology research includes fluid dispensing microfluids such as reagents as well as manipulating or guiding fluid flow on a chip. Dispensing microfluid requires the same key features as POC applications. Manipulating microfluid is a unique technique for fluid control. Wax, hot melt or phase change dispensing is a tool for the manipulation: wax is used for a gate or dam to stop fluid flow, and vaporizing wax leads fluid flow and initial biochemical reactions. Nordson ASYMTEK offers wax dispensing with jetting technology.

Medical Electronics

Nordson ASYMTEK provides medical device manufacturers with reliability-proven electronics assembly techniques such as underfill, conformal coating, and encapsulation with the process controls to deliver highly accurate dispensing solutions. As medical devices have become smaller the medical electronics, along with PCBs, semiconductors and passive components, have shrunk in size and their density has increased. Nordson ASYMTEK offers dispensing solutions for high-density assembly ideal for medical device electronics such as, underfill jet dispensing in tighter component pitch where a needle can't fit. Conformal coating is one of the best ways to ensure that electronics remain reliable, and Nordson ASYMTEK is a global leader in selective conformal coating systems.

Radio frequency (RF) communication sections in medical devices need to be shielded. A typical shielding method is dam and fill and Nordson ASYMTEK offers fluid dispensing equipment ideal for this dispensing process.

Reliability demands traceability, which can include identifying dispensed material amounts from a board's serial number. Nordson ASYMTEK offers in-line Calibrated Process Jetting (CPJ) for traceability, as part of our Fluidmove® software.

Nordson ASYMTEK products have already been qualified by many international medical device manufacturers for producing medical electronic devices. Specifically, ASYMTEK dispensing systems are used to produce:

  • Hearing aids
  • Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) devices
  • Defibrillators
  • Digital imaging equipment
  • Cardiography equipment
  • Vision care products
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