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Nordson ASYMTEK's jetting systems are ideal for underfill dispensing with precision fluid placement and patented CPJ software to manage dispensed fluid volume

Flip Chip Underfill

Nordson ASYMTEK dispensing systems are world-renowned for underfill including flip chip underfill and CSP underfill. From the early days of flip chip underfill dispensing using linear pumps to today's high-speed jet dispensing, Nordson ASYMTEK has been on the leading edge of technology development, building the highest quality products to address customers' evolving needs in cost of ownership, ease of use, and challenging applications for the semiconductor and PCB assembly industry.

As die layouts grow tighter, the underfill keep-out-zone (KOZ) between die becomes smaller and smaller. This trend requires higher accuracy of underfill dispensing to place fluids closer to die edges. Nordson ASYMTEK is continuously addressing these challenges with new technologies and products, such as the Spectrum II fluid dispensing system and our award winning IntelliJet® Jetting System with patented ReadiSet® Jet Cartridge.

To avoid fluid waste and to adapt to fluid viscosity changes over a production run, dispense parameters need be adjusted to maintain the same dispensed volume throughout the production cycle. With patented Calibrated Process Jetting (CPJ) technology, Nordson ASYMTEK's dispensing systems automatically manage the critical processes for underfill weight consistency.

Features such as our Fids-on-the-Fly or Continuous Path Motion Control software offer time savings in high-volume production to drive down cost of ownership. Additionally, Dual-Simultaneous dispensing increases platform productivity for a fraction of the cost of buying a second system.

Nordson ASYMTEK also offers solutions for second-level underfill for BGAs, CSPs, or PoPs, as well as no-flow underfill and jetting encapsulation technologies.

CSP and BGA Underfill

Underfill dispensing to Ball Grid Array (BGA), Chip-Scale Package (CSP), and Package-on-Package (PoPs) has been shown to improve package reliability. Nordson ASYMTEK's non-contact jetting systems are ideal for underfill dispensing with precision fluid placement and patented CPJ software to manage dispensed fluid volume.

Keep-out-zones (KOZ) between CSP/BGA and other board components continue to shrink to meet end package miniaturization goals. Dispensing accuracy thus becomes more important to minimize KOZ and deliver underfill fluid as close to the package as possible without landing on top or wicking off to neighboring components. Automated fluid dispensing systems from Nordson ASYMTEK lead the industry to meet these challenges for dispense accuracy, precision and throughput.

No-Flow Underfill

No-flow underfill material is used to enhance the reliability of products containing flip chips and CSPs on printed circuit boards. Using no-flow underfill allows more flexibility in board design, as less space is required between the component requiring underfill and adjacent passive components.

No-flow underfill fluids can be dispensed with needle dispensing but also jetted using Nordson ASYMTEK's award-winning jetting technologies. Along with our Fluidmove® software, the jet offers several methods, including shooting, dots-on-the-fly, and jetting lines with patented co-axial air assist to achieve the best results.

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