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Conductive Adhesives

Nordson ASYMTEK offers production-proven dispensing systems for conductive adhesives to meet strict manufacturing requirements

Conductive adhesives, silver epoxy, and silver pastes are used in electronics manufacturing and demand precision dispensing as well as the highest levels of process control in order to keep waste to a minimum. Conductive adhesives can be deposited by either jetting or standard needle dispensing, depending on the application. Jet dispensing of die bonding paste for die attach is much faster than conventional needle dispensing. Patterns can be dispensed that cannot be achieved with a needle dispenser.

Nordson ASYMTEK has developed production-proven platforms, jets, valves and pumps that take the worry out of dispensing conductive adhesives.

Thermally and electrically conductive epoxy-based fluids are required to mechanically bond die to the substrate, to make an electrical ground plane connection, and to conduct heat away from the die. These fluids tend to have a short pot life and may be temperature sensitive. Fillers in these fluids can easily clog typical valves.

Using Nordson ASYMTEK's dispensing systems to jet electrically conductive epoxy fluids enhances the speed of die placement equipment, delivering higher throughput. The exceptional accuracy delivers significant cost-of-material savings. And, our software has the industry's most flexible set of parameters for line dispensing resulting in consistent, tail-free patterns.

Electrically conductive adhesives can be dispensed in dots or small lines to make electrical connections for hybrid components, solder replacement, RFID assembly, or MEMS devices. The use of electrically conductive adhesive is common in hard disk drive components, hearing aid components, and other electronics for medical devices.

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