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Two-Component (2K) Dispensing Opportunities

Two-component (2K) dispensing, traditionally used in automotive assembly, has evolved into a viable and advantageous opportunity for a wider range of applications.  This is great news for high-volume manufacturers looking for improved fluid performance to support new applications and output demands. Today’s thermal interface, structural adhesive, encapsulation, gasketing, and sealing materials provide design engineers with a host of options. And we have the equipment, expertise and global support to get your 2K dispensing process up and running.

This article highlights the advantages of 2K dispensing and the importance of accurate metering and mixing.

Key 2K Dispensing Benefits

1. The immediate dispense of freshly mixed material delivers better results.  Fluid life is maximized and flowability and adhesion are improved.

2. It can offer a cost effective, efficient alternative to thermal pads. When thermal pads are used to fill gaps between surfaces that require thermal contact, manufacturers must stock and manage pads of various sizes. When fluid dispensing is used for this purpose, you only need to stock the fluid to accommodate every gap dimension – vertical or horizontal.

3. It’s flexible. You can adjust the dispense to meet diverse application requirements. For example, it’s easier to “fine-tune” the ratio of material A and material B to achieve specific curing times and hardness targets. A variety of fluids, processes and substrates are also supported.

4. Faster curing speeds and low or room temperature cures are possible. This advantage can significantly increase output, expedite product shipments and avoid exposing sensitive electronics to high temperatures. Depending on the chemistry, some materials can achieve 100% cure without the need for additional curing methods.

5. Expensive, time consuming logistics are minimized.  Two-component materials do not require pre-mixing, extensive temperature control or specialized transport.

2K the Right Way

Controlling metering and mix ratios is critical to any 2K dispensing application. These aspects affect the dispense quality, adhesion, cure and ultimately the longevity of a product. Our solutions rely on positive displacement metering technology and integrated process controls such as Mass Flow Calibration for 2K materials (patent pending). This enables the dispense of consistent volumetric ratios of part A and part B materials – day after day.

At Nordson ASYMTEK we are proud to offer our customers complete solutions that include the right equipment and the technical application expertise to ensure proper setup and process performance. With our 2K solutions, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Proven, dedicated dispensing software to run your application
  • Customizable, integrated solutions to fit your unique process needs
  • A global support network for your service needs

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