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You’ve Got This! Conformal Coating Consistency, No Problem.

Today’s open-loop spray applications rely on operator intervention to correct process variation – requiring downtime and educated guesswork.

What if you could place a closed-loop control around your desired coating characteristics and stabilize your application to deliver consistent results, without operator intervention? Now you can. Another Nordson ASYMTEK industry first, the new Qadence™ closed-loop flow control system for the Select Coat® SL-940 coating system automatically compensates for viscosity changes and maintains a stable flow rate by volume for consistent conformal coating results.

Successful board protection requires consistent coating coverage and thickness. In coating applications, the flow rate directly affects process stability including coverage and thickness outcomes. Flow rate fluctuates in correlation with temperature, humidity, and batch-to-batch viscosity variation. A low flow rate can cause insufficient coverage leaving parts vulnerable to corrosion and failure. And an excessive flow rate can cause cracking or the ingress of material into keep-out areas.

Open-loop vs. Closed-loop with Qadence

Closed Loop Qadence

Figure 1 Open-loop coating processes [blue line] can be affected by environmental changes, like temperature increases [grey line].  Qadence controls against these changes to achieve production targets [orange line].

Don’t Settle for Guesswork. Target the Results You Want.

To control coating coverage and thickness in your process, you need to control the flow rate. To control the flow rate, you need to start with a target.

Historically, target thickness and coating speed were outputs of the setup process. Now you can use thickness, speed and other values as inputs to calculate a target flow rate by volume for your application.

How does it work?

Calculate Your Flow Rate in Minutes

Quickly calculate a target flow rate and set process limits with a control routine, called the Flow Calculator (patent pending), in EasyCoat® 6 Software. With the Flow Calculator, a typical 1-hour setup can be completed in 30 minutes and a 30-minute setup in less than 10 minutes. Simply enter your process parameters to calculate the target flow rate. Teach the flow check locations, enter the flow check settings, and set the performance limits all in a single software screen. The Qadence flow control system will take it from there.

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