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Manage Process Variation

Achieve Consistent Dispensing Quality

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It’s challenging to manage process variation, but today’s electronics assembly technologies require reliable, high-quality dispensing results. To meet those high standards, process variation must be actively monitored and addressed.

The Solution – Proven Process Controls

Automated Self-Calibration with the IntelliJet® Jetting system provides predictable control over your dispensing process and monitors consumable wear, jetting consistency, and operating temperature variations – important factors that affect valve lifespan and dispensing quality. Calibrated Process Jetting can be combined with Automated Self-Calibration to deliver a comprehensive process solution.

In this video, a senior Nordson ASYMTEK Product Marketing Engineer explains the relationship between process control and dispensing quality.

Setting Process Control Standards – Then and Now

Nearly 20 years ago, Nordson ASYMTEK pioneered patented closed-loop process control with the implementation of Mass Flow Control (MFC) and Calibrated Process Jetting (CPJ). These solutions successfully manage process variation related to fluid characteristics to ensure consistent dispense weight and volume. That was an important milestone and consistent weight and volume continue to be important factors today. However, applications have continued to evolve, dispense weights have continued to decrease, and applications have a narrower process window.  Today manufacturers are focused on ensuring day-to-day and machine-to-machine consistency to avoid quality issues that translate into yield loss, scrapped parts, and thousands of dollars lost. Automated Self-Calibration and Calibrated Process Jetting provide a solution to those challenges.

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