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How One Customer Optimized Their Semiconductor Manufacturing Process

Improved UPH, quality, and cost-of-ownership!

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Miniaturization poses complex fluid dispensing challenges for Semiconductor manufacturers. While chip populations on substrates continue to increase, the gaps between them are becoming more and more narrow – down to a few hundred microns today and moving towards < 100 µm in the near future.  At the same time, bump heights underneath chips are decreasing – down to tens of microns for small form factors. These narrow spaces and tight geometries require a specialized solution to ensure efficient, high-quality dispensing results.

One customer in the semiconductor manufacturing industry recently shared how the IntelliJet® Jetting System helped them overcome these challenges – enabling them to improve quality and increase UPH by jetting consistent, narrow stream widths at high frequencies. Their application requires large amounts of underfill to be dispensed into small gaps. Dispensing into small gaps typically requires very small volumes of fluid to achieve narrow, in-air stream widths. One approach to achieving narrow stream widths is decreasing the dot volume. However, that can result in a higher overall dot count and a reduction in productivity. Another approach would be increasing the dot volume to improve productivity, but this approach increases the stream width and sacrifices quality. With these limitations in mind, the challenge was finding a solution to balance the stream width and the flow rate without compromising their quality and productivity goals.

To support the application requirements, we suggested our piezo-driven IntelliJet Jetting system (IJ). We knew that the IJ could meet the application requirements for productivity and quality, while reducing their cost-of-ownership. By using the IJ, the customer experienced significant benefits:

  • Running a higher frequency jet allowed the customer to increase their UPH by 4 times their previous rate, while maintaining quality.
  • Adjusting the ReadiSet® Jet cartridge hardware and parameters for the IJ allowed the customer to dispense twice the dot volume, while dispensing fewer dots and meeting total dispense volume requirements.
  • The IJ's longer life-cycle and patented internal, self-calibration features enabled the customer to reduce their cost-of-ownership by 40%.

By switching to the IntelliJet Jetting System, this customer could achieve immediate results that not only created significant overall quality improvements, but also improved UPH, up-time, and cost of ownership in their semiconductor manufacturing process.

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