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A Combined Solution for High-Throughput Precise Jetting

Sourcing multiple suppliers is a complicated endeavor. To avoid that complexity, manufacturers have moved towards electro-mechanical assembly and the use of modular components. Electro-mechanical assemblies, such as Head Gimbal Assemblies in HDD and camera modules in smartphones, are used to perform independent operations. Individual modules can contain a variety of unique components that perform a host of necessary functions. The trend towards modularization brings many benefits to manufacturers. Reduced supply chain cost, accelerated time to market, independent module testing for easy defect identification, rapid functionality integration, and uncompromised functional performance are all benefits. The application of adhesive and encapsulation materials preserves these benefits, protecting electronic components from physical stress, contamination, and electrical bridging.

But the parallel trend towards product and component miniaturization, poses unique challenges for the fluid dispensing process. Dispensing applications must deliver precise, consistent results within very small form factors. And to advance UPH goals, applications need to be fast. Nordson ASYMTEK has combined industry leading platform, valve, and software capabilities to address these challenges.

Advancing UPH

To achieve high-throughput and yield, automated fluid dispensing applications must keep pace with pick-and-place processes (15,000–50,000 chips per hour), deliver fluid into narrow gaps between components, and avoid keep out zones (KOZs) within tight geometries. To manage these requirements, Nordson ASYMTEK combines the following capabilities:

  1. Platform: The Vantage® and Spectrum® ll Series fluid dispensing platforms are specifically designed to support underfill, cavity fill, die attach, and encapsulation processes that require increasingly smaller dispense target, line width, and KOZ requirements.
  2. Valve: When combined with a dispensing platform, the IntelliJet® Jetting System delivers small dot sizes as small as 1.5µm and narrow jetted stream widths quickly and cleanly, increasing UPH and avoiding contamination on top of chips and neighboring components. The IntelliJet can also jet thick fluid in very small dot sizes with high dimension uniformity, a challenging requirement for any valve.
  3. Software: Our Jet-on-the-Fly software feature enables the valve to jet fluid as it flies over the dispensing locations.  With Jet-on-the-Fly, dot dispensing throughput is largely increased because the jet does not decelerate, stop, dispense, and accelerate between the dispense locations. This feature can increase throughput by 2-6 times compared to jetting with a full stop at each dispensing location.

Read the Whitepaper in the right column to learn how we combined these capabilities to provide three customer solutions: optical lens encapsulation, camera module image sensor attach and underfill, and the application of a non-conductive adhesive boundary for a hard drive actuator. 

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