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Conformal coating contributes to product quality and performance, but it’s typically viewed as a process that tolerates sufficient results – or “good enough.”  That view is changing as more advanced and diverse electronic products enter the consumer marketplace. From the Internet of Things (IoT) to self-driving vehicles, it’s truly a brave new world for manufacturers and consumers. The electronic components that power these next generation products require high-quality conformal coating protection to ensure safe, reliable performance in a variety of physical environments. To keep pace with these requirements and maintain yield and throughput goals, modern coating applications must embrace process controls that provide traceability and consistent, day-to-day and batch-to-batch coating performance that delivers product reliability.

Film Coating with Closed-Loop Process Controls

Nordson ASYMTEK has been the pioneer and developer of industry-leading process controls for nearly two decades. Two of these process controls, the Viscosity Control System and Laser Fan Width Control, can be combined to ensure that your coating process maintains constant fluid temperature, consistent coating width and coverage, and a data log to facilitate traceability.

With these complementary closed-loop process controls in place, you can gain greater control over your coating process – improving throughput, increasing yield, maintaining reliability, and gaining access to data logs that provide process insights within and across lots.

Viscosity Control System –  keeps fluid at a constant temperature, based on configurable process limits in EasyCoat® software, to reduce viscosity fluctuations and ensure consistent coverage

Laser Fan Width Control
– ensures coating width, independent of fluid viscosity, and provides data logging for statistical process control

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