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Automated Coating Inspection: 3 Steps to Better Process Control


In our last post, we discussed the benefits of automated coating inspection (ACI) and introduced the FX-940UV Series. In this post, we’ll focus on process control and development.

Every coating process has critical parameters that must remain within defined limits. Thankfully, there are enhanced methods that manufacturers can employ to meet those requirements – such as statistical process control (SPC). When combined in an automated coating line, Nordson ASYMTEK’s Select Coat SL-940 Conformal Coating system and FX-940UV Series can monitor a wide range of conformal coating process parameters through SPC. Today, we’ll look at the data-driven inspection features on the FX-940UV Series.

1. Create Recipes and Capture Inspection Data

The FX-940UV Series includes NYTVision automated optical inspection software. Create coating inspection recipes, define coated and non-coated areas, and refine recipes with the Auto-Tune feature. This can be done completely offline, and programming time is typically less than 30 minutes.

A variety of details are logged during inspection to ensure traceability – machine name, login user name, inspection recipe, work order number, board serial number, inspection date and time, yield, parts failed per board, and more. User defined custom fields can also be added.

The FX-940UV can be fully integrated with your FIS/MES system to capture up-to-the-minute process data. Single-page quick feedback reports provide an overall view of the inspected board and allow you to zoom in on specific areas of interest – around keep out zones and critical components.

Inspection Results and Report with Individual Part Detail

Inspection Results

Status View and False Call Status Screens - See Real-Time Data During Inspection

Real-Time Data

2. Analyze Historical and Real-Time Data

After you’ve collected data, it’s time for deeper analysis. The VuData Statistical Process Analyzer creates customizable charts and reports to identify clear process improvement opportunities. Reports are organized in a hierarchy that reveals additional data down to the individual defect level. Data can be searched, grouped, ordered, and formatted depending on your needs. 

3. Continually Improve Your Process

Manufacturing relies on process improvement and quality control. Data analysis provides solid insight to help you sustain continuous improvement – enabling you to take specific, focused actions exactly where they’re needed. When developing a new recipe, you can use the inspection system feedback to optimize a program for complete coverage. And after a program is set up and verified, the ACI system will continue to validate the coating performance.

With process changes backed by data you can make accurate decisions to rapidly improve your conformal coating process – avoiding waste, rework, and scrap. 

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