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For Customers of Progressive Cavity Pumps from Infinit Innovations Dispensing

Details for the support of existing progressive cavity pumps

Nordson ASYMTEK acquired the progressive cavity pump (PCP) product lines of Infinit Innovations Dispensing o.m.s. (also known as Infinit Dosing) on 8 January 2018. The following describes how to get support for existing Infinit Dosing products.

Order placement and fulfillment will be through the global Nordson ASYMTEK channels. If you require technical support for your installed Infinit Innovations Dispensing (or Infinit Dosing) PCP, you should contact the seller you purchased from.

The products covered under this notice can be identified in the list below. Descriptions and images are further down the page.

  • aCCura-Mini and aCCura-Cera
  • aCCura-Mix      
  • aCCura-Box
  • aCCura-Box OEM

Spare Parts:
Spare parts for products previously purchased from Infinit Dosing will be available for a minimum of three years, until 1 February 2021 and will be provided only to end-users directly. To order spare parts, email

Warranties: Warranties for Infinit products will be honored. Send an email to

Technical Support: For technical support of your PCP products, you should contact the seller you purchased from.

Purchase Inquiries: If you are interested in purchasing a progressive cavity pump integrated on a Nordson ASYMTEK system, please contact us at or the sales person in your region. To keep informed of ongoing updates, sign up for our quarterly newsletter or follow us on social media – WeChat, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.

Mini PCP:

aCCura Mini and aCCura Cera

The aCCura series can dispense a variety of liquids and pastes, including conductive epoxies, glass filled pastes, adhesives, sealants, solder pastes.

Mini PCP 1                                                         Mini PCP 2


Mini PCP Specs

aCCura Mix

Static mixing of two materials requires accurate volumetric delivery of the media. By using the speed of the motors, exact mixing ratios can be easily achieved or adjusted up to 1:30. The hybrid variants combine two different pump sizes. This allows the resulting pressure in the mixer to be adjusted to achieve better mixing homogeneity.

aCCura Mix


aCCura Mix Specs

Control Boxes:


This control box is used with the aCCura pumps to program dispensing and to review settings.

aCCura Box

aCCura-Box OEM

This control box is used with the aCCura pumps to program dispensing and review settings.

 aCCura Box OEM