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Nordson ASYMTEK's Equipment End-of-Life Policy


Our objective is to provide you with the highest quality fluid dispensers and conformal coating systems on the market, designed using the latest technology and closed-loop process control to reduce process variation, increase yield and lower overall cost of ownership. At the same time, we must evaluate and discontinue systems that have been surpassed in performance and cost effectiveness by our latest equipment. 

Nordson ASYMTEK’s end-of-life policy describes how we transition our products from production to end-of-life. This policy is intended to help our customers manage the product’s end-of-life transition.


PRODUCTION: Products currently in production and fully supported in terms of technical support, spares, field service, upgrades, and training.

END OF SALE (EOS): Products in this category are no longer sold, but are supported with service and spare parts for a specified period (typically 3 to 7 years). Hardware upgrades, software upgrades and specials will not be offered or quoted on equipment in the EOS phase. New software versions and enhancements will not be validated on equipment in the EOS phase.

END OF LIFE (EOL): The product is no longer supported in terms of technical support, spares, field service, software and training.

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EOL EOS side by side