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DP-3000 Linear Pump

The DP-3000 is a servo-controlled, positive displacement pump optimal for encapsulation and dam and fill applications

The DP-3000 is a linear pump designed and manufactured exclusively by Nordson ASYMTEK to meet the requirements for high-volume dispensing applications during production. Performance accuracy and speed of volume deposition is precisely maintained for applications ranging from very large BGA to very small flip chip die.

The DP-3000 linear pump is a servo-controlled, volume displacement pump compatible with all of Nordson ASYMTEK's automated dispensing systems. It is a true positive displacement linear pump that is not affected by production variations in fluid viscosity, supply pressure or fluid/pump temperature. Whether dispensing lines, spiral fills, dots or patterns, the linear pump's servo drive mechanism and Fluidmove® software allow multiple shot sizes in the same program. The pump has quick-release mechanisms for tool-free removal of the syringe, stopcock, and pump chamber.


  • Rapid refill speed for optimal dispensing
  • Quick-release mechanisms of wetted parts for easy setup and removal from the system
  • Tool-free disassembly and assembly for quick and easy cleaning
  • Better than 1%, 3-sigma accuracy for consistent dispensing with multiple programmable shot sizes
  • Fast, efficient priming with minimal material waste
  • High flow rate for high throughput
  • True positive, displacement dispensing, independent of viscosity

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