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Non-Contact Laser Height Sensor

The CCD Non-Contact Laser Height Sensor provides high-speed dispense height measurement for components that may be compromised by tactile sensing

Specialized circuitry automatically controls the duration of laser emission, preventing errors of measurement due to surface color and texture variations. The Laser Height Sensor enables all height sensing in one continuous motion without Z-axis movement and is five times faster than mechanical height sensing.


  • Height-sensing repeatability of 25 microns (1 mil), 3 sigma
  • Non-contact height sensing eliminates the need for tactile sensing of delicate substrates, hybrids and ICs
  • Concerns about flex, vibration, and substrate contamination are also eliminated
  • High-speed light processing capability for faster throughput and greater yield
  • CCD sensing technology allows accurate surface detection over a wide range of substrate colors and textures
  • Laser emission control circuitry and the auto gain function enhance measurement accuracy on diverse substrates
  • Interchangeable with Nordson ASYMTEK's retractable tactile height sensor
  • Compatible with all Nordson ASYMTEK fluid dispensing systems
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