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DispenseMate D-593/D-595 Benchtop Fluid Dispensing System

Designed for a wide variety of dispense applications, the DispenseMate® D-593/D-595 system is an integrated benchtop with advanced process capabilities including closed-loop process control

  • Fully integrated dispenser from ASYMTEK with closed-loop control allows customers to produce high-yield, high-quality products
  • Lean manufacturing process using common module philosophy provides platform-to-platform consistency for quality performance
  • Advanced dispensing capability ensures highly repeatable dispensing supported by best-in-class global applications and technical service
  • Optional process control features such as Mass Flow Calibration and Calibrated Process Jetting automatically maintain consistent dispense weight
  • Applications developed on DispenseMate systems are upward-compatible with ASYMTEK’s in-line platforms


The DispenseMate series brings dispensing power and fully integrated, closed-loop process control to a benchtop package. Many of today’s advanced automated dispensing features are included with the basic platform. Two models are available with different X-Y travel dimensions: the D-593 model is 325 x 325 mm, the D-595 model is 525 x 525 mm.

The DispenseMate system provides dispense control technology based on Nordson ASYMTEK’s most advanced, in-line dispensing systems, including closed-loop DC servo motion control, Jet-on-the-Fly jet dispense capability and Fluidmove software for user-intuitive programming. You can easily ramp production as your business grows. Fluidmove programs are upward-compatible with and easily transferred to other Nordson ASYMTEK in-line systems, including the Spectrum® II and Quantum® platforms. In addition, Fluidmove software provides SPC datalogging for process traceability and optional CAD import capability. The DispenseMate is ideal for a wide variety of dispense applications (e.g., solder paste, encapsulation, and corner- and edge-bonding).


  • Fluidmove® software used on all ASYMTEK dispensing platforms
  • Integrated Pattern Recognition Vision System with Programmable Lighting compensates for part translation and rotation providing excellent wet-dispense accuracy
  • Integral mechanical tactile height sensor automatically adjusts for variations in substrate flatness
  • Software-programmable heater control automatically maintains fluid temperature for a more robust dispensing process
  • Optional integrated weight scale in combination with ASYMTEK-patented process controls maintain consistent fluid dispense mass and improves production yield
  • Optional dual-action bracket enables independent dispensing of two fluids saving set up time while maximizing throughput
  • Optional dual-simultaneous dispensing cuts dispense time in half
  • Single-axis tilt enables dispensing around tall components and on densely populated boards - optional
  • Optional non-contact laser height sensor for consistent dispensing when tactile sensing is not optimal
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