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Continuous Path Motion Control

Continuous Path Motion Control maintains a continuous speed and direction during dispensing thus saving dispense time and increasing UPH

Continuous Path Motion Control

Is your Dispensing Program Limiting your UPH?

Today’s manufacturers are tasked with providing businesses and consumers with a steady stream of the latest technologies that are more powerful, more energy efficient, packed with maximum functionality, and commonly delivered in increasingly smaller form factors. The move towards the Internet of Things (IoT), which includes mobile and wearable technologies, is accelerating the miniaturization of electronic components.  Many IoT technologies include a multitude of densely packed components that can be as small as 0.2 x 0.4 mm in size – with as many as 30 large components and hundreds of discretes on a single 30 x 30 mm board.  As the trend towards miniaturization and the demand for new technologies continues, manufacturers are exploring new approaches to the dispensing process to improve UPH.

Turn a Challenge into an Opportunity

Continuous Path Motion Control, a standard feature in Fluidmove® software, is ideal for line dispensing on component arrays when underfill dispensing and discrete encapsulation are required. It accommodates a variety of configurations and is specifically designed to enable continuous motion dispensing at high speeds when parts are small and close together in an array. Instead of stopping to move between components, backtracking, ramping up to speed, dispensing, and decelerating, as in earlier dispensing applications, the jet maintains a continuous speed and direction throughout the process – improving UPH up to 50% or more depending on your application.*

Get Started with Continuous Path Motion Control

You can benefit from the UPH improvement that Continuous Path Motion Control delivers even if you have already taken initial steps to optimize your dispensing program.

To setup your program with Continuous Path Motion Control, do the following:

1. Launch Fluidmove and open an existing dispensing program.

2. Place your cursor at the beginning of the dispensing program and select Program > Process Commands > Begin Continuous.

3. Place your cursor at the end of the dispensing instruction and select Program > Process Commands > End Continuous.

Continuous Path image

4. Run your program.

A reduction of nearly 50%     
Continuous Path Motion Control – 3.13 seconds
Conventional Method – 6.21 seconds

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* The example above illustrates a dispense time reduction of nearly 50%. Results can vary depending on your specific application. Please note that cycle time savings is not an exact reflection of UPH improvement, because the underfill process involves many steps including loading/unloading, detecting the fiducials, height sensing, and dispensing (or jetting), which includes both dispensing and non-dispensing movements.

Continuous Path Motion Control. Patent (covered by US Patents 8,765,212 and 9,674,962 and other patents pending).

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