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Qadence | Closed-Loop Flow Control for Conformal Coating

The Qadence™ closed-loop flow control system maintains a stable flow rate by volume for high quality coating results – automatically compensating for viscosity changes related to temperature, humidity and batch-to-batch variation.

As consumers, we rely on manufacturers to deliver safe, high quality products with consistent performance – including cars, medical devices, and an array of IoT electronics. Manufacturers depend on reliable and stable manufacturing processes, including conformal coating, to meet these quality expectations while maintaining high yield and throughput.

With an enhanced spray process and flow stabilization for conformal coating applicators, the Qadence system delivers closed-loop flow control to achieve:

  • Improved product reliability – Take control of the conformal coating process with set process limits to achieve target flow rates (patent pending) and precise application volumes. After process limits are set, target flow rates are continuously monitored for adherence throughout production. If the process falls outside precise application volumes, a control routine is activated to make corrective adjustments – reducing downtime and limiting operator intervention.

  • Improved traceability – Export flow rate and volume data for evaluation in SPC software.

  • Time savings during setup – Use the Flow Calculator in EasyCoat® 6 Software to quickly calculate and set process limits. Easily match flow rates when changing valves or across two valves in a single application.

  • Reduced labor – Minimize operator intervention, rework and masking.

The Qadence system is compatible with the Select Coat® SL-940 Conformal Coating System, EasyCoat 6 software and Nordson ASYMTEK conformal coating applicators.

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