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Sustainability & Safety

Nordson ASYMTEK is committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. With our core values as a guide, we have established a Sustainability Policy.

Statement from the Vice President of ASYMTEK Peter Bierhuis:

It is my goal to have our Nordson ASYMTEK organization perform as a responsible corporate citizen. We will strive to improve the way people live – this comes in many ways: the health and well-being of our employees, preserving the quality of life in the communities in which we operate and those of our customers, applying sustainable business practices and corporate governance. Wherever possible we define standards for our employees and business partners to achieve continuous improvement in all aspects of our corporate and community responsibilities.

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We operate our company and workplace in a way that reflects this commitment by:

Designing and producing products that enable our customers to do more with less

  • Design new generations of our equipment that allow customers to run higher throughput and yield
  • Increased precision allows customers to use less material in their processes
  • Design equipment that is easier to clean by reducing use of cleaning solvents in production
  • Create new designs that result in less energy use and longer component life
  • Design equipment with fewer parts
  • Comply with RoHS and WEEE requirements

Conducting eco-friendly operations without compromising quality or service to our customers

  • House sister companies in our Carlsbad facility (YESTECH, MARCH), which combines resources and use less
  • Try to be paperless:
  1. Encourage double-sided printing
  2. Eliminate hard copy printouts
  • Reduce and reuse packaging material:
  1. Use recyclable materials
  2. Use biodegradable materials
  • Implement LEAN processes to eliminate waste

Conserving our natural resources

  • Reduce power usage:
  1. Turn off computers, monitors, lights, and other power-using products when not in use
  2. Use programmable thermostats to regulate climate during off-hours
  3. Use Energy Star devices
  4. Use LED Exit signs
  5. Replace lights with more efficient types
  6. Power on demand for air compressors
  • Use water resources wisely:
  1. Recognition of clean wastewater by local authorities
  2. Use recycled water for outdoor watering
  3. Use water-efficient plumbing
  • Encourage employees to choose alternate forms of transport to work:
  1. Vanpool/Carpool
  2. Telecommute
  3. Bicycles/Walking
  4. Public transportation



Reducing our use of non-recyclable products and managing our waste with a conscientious global perspective

  • Use reusable crates for parts (kanban)
  • Pack with dissolvable packing material, which also meets the International Standard
  • Properly dispose of hazardous waste
  • Recycle used alcohol and acetone
  • Dispose of adhesives, oils and other chemicals in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Recycle chemically contaminated wipes for use in concrete manufacture
  • Follow programs for recycling:
  1. Paper and cardboard
  2. Make efforts to email instead of fax
  3. Electronic waste (i.e. PCBs, wires, computers, monitors, electronic components)
  4. Metal (i.e. steel, aluminum, copper, milling scrap)
  5. Food and beverage containers (i.e. bottles, cans)
  • Purchase refurbished toner cartridges instead of new cartridges

Advocating community involvement that encourages a positive environmental impact

  • Time 'n Talent committees exist to reach out to the community
  • Plan to increase our work with the local community

Meeting or exceeding applicable international, federal, state, and local environmental regulations

  • Monitor clean air
  • Follow recycling programs for chemicals, metals, electronics, and paper
  • Comply with storm water run-off regulations
  • Use reclaimed water for outdoor irrigation
  • Use best business practices to prevent contamination of waste water
  • Assist our customers to improve their use of chemicals in the construction of their products, while following best engineering practices.
  • Use packaging materials that are environmentally friendly when shipping our product.
  • Comply with RoHS and WEEE regulations



This section describes the means by which the company acknowledges its responsibility to provide a safe and environmentally-compliant workplace by establishing a Safety/Environmental Policy focusing on individual management responsibilities.


2.1 Safety/Environmental Objectives

The Corporate Safety Committee documents the safety/environmental objectives and targets in the Fiscal Year Operating Plan.

2.2 Responsibility and Authority

The company will define the responsibility, authority and the interrelation of all personnel who manage, perform and verify work affecting safety/environmental matters.

This process will identify the objectives, training requirements and verification activities, including internal system audits, that will be evaluated during the fiscal year.


The Corporate Safety Committee is appointed by executive management and has as its mission the development, implementation and maintenance of the Safety Management System (SMS).


The SMS is to be reviewed with Facility Managers annually to evaluate its effectiveness. The Vice-President, Human Resources is responsible for scheduling and conducting or publishing this review as appropriate. The Management Review process entails a review of the following:

4.1 Environmental Objectives

4.2 Safety Objectives

4.3 Results of Internal SMS Audits

4.4 Preventive Actions

4.5 Resource Requirements

4.6 Regulatory Review

4.7 Checklist Assessment

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