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Going Green Carlsbad

Commitment to our Green policy has resulted in perceptible accomplishments at the Nordson ASYMTEK Carlsbad facility

We looked at many aspects of how we do our jobs, how office and warehouse spaces are used, and how we design and make products to enable customers to do more with less. Our main goal is to conduct eco-friendly operations without compromising quality or service to our customers.

We have provided recycle bins throughout the Carlsbad facility to collect metal, electronic waste, paper, cardboard, glass and plastics. At the drinking fountains, we changed water cups from plastic to recyclable paper and provided local employees with re-usable mugs. We are tracking scrap, recycling and waste amounts with the goal to reduce these by 10%.

Shipping materials: Changed to corrugated cardboard boxes which are 100% recycled content, changed from packing peanuts to 100% recycled packaging paper, changed to corrugated plastic that is reusable. Bubble wrap was eliminated---Inflatable air packs are now used for consolidated shipments. Now using packing foam with 70% recycled content. Changed labels to stamps.

We have reduced electricity usage by 11%. Changes that helped drive this improvement included re-lamping inside and outside lights with lower wattage lights, and installing motion sensors in warehouse areas so lights come on only when needed.

All leased copiers, printers, faxes, scanners, etc have been replaced with equipment rated Energy Star version 1.1, which are considered 14% more energy efficient than previous models.

Nordson ASYMTEK employees participate in local events, including the Surfrider Foundation Beach Cleanup and the Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day.

The way we do business can contribute to a greener planet and we discover that many changes make sense from a business perspective.

Visit the Nordson ASYMTEK Sustainability & Safety page for more information.

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