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IMAPS Technical Presentation and Lunch

EMD Performance Materials @ 6555 Nancy Ridge Dr, San Diego, CA 92131

25 Sep 2018 - 25 Sep 2018


Precise, High-Throughput Underfill Dispense In Chip-On-Wafer Packaging

Presented by: 
Nordson ASYMTEK’s
Hanzhuang “Hannah” Liang, PhD

Abstract: In today’s microelectronic packaging, components are continuously designed smaller and assembled more densely to allow more functions to fit into compact portable devices. To enable this trend, more manufacturers are using flip chips that have more I/O’s and smaller bumps sizes. This has introduced underfill dispensing that fills the gap between the flip chip and the substrate with polymer epoxy to help reduce thermal and mechanical stress at the bonding interface. In device packaging, the demands for cost reduction and miniaturization encourage the use of wafer-level packaging, such as the chip-on-wafer process. As a result, the challenges to this process have grown exponentially, and so have the challenges to underfill dispensing. 
A high-precision, high-throughput underfill dispensing process has been developed to conquer these challenges. This underfill process is being used in production for chip-on-wafer and chip-on-BGA packaging. In one example, underfill must be dispensed within 300-500um KOZ of 2-5 mm2 size die at 4000 UPH. New equipment and new dispensing techniques are under development to further push the limit on higher throughput and precision. 

Biography: Hanzhuang “Hannah” Liang got her PhD from USC, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering in 2003. She joined Nordson Asymtek Application group in 2011 and ever since, her focus is process development and research studies on dispenser performance. Before that, Hannah studied fluidics at biomedical device company Illumina in R&D department. 

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