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IMAPS Device Packaging 2019

WekoPa Resort and Casino, Fountain Hills, Arizona USA

05 Mar 2019 - 07 Mar 2019

Nordson ASYMTEK presenting on underfill dispensing for chip-on-wafer and high-throughput jetting in micro-device packaging at iMAPS Device Packaging Conference.

Mrs. Hanzhuang Liang from Nordson ASYMTEK will be presenting High-Throughput Precise Dotting in Electronics Assembly

In Electro-Mechanical Module Assembly (EMMA), adhesive and encapsulation materials are applied to protect electronic components from physical stress, contamination, and electrical bridging.  Assembly processes have evolved dramatically in recent years due to cost saving efforts, increasingly smaller form factors, and mass customization.  These changes have resulted in advanced and dynamic standards for equipment manufacturers in terms of speed, precision, and flexibility.  For automated fluid dispensing, challenges include maintaining high-throughput to keep pace with upstream pick-and-place processes, enabling precise fluid delivery into narrow gaps between components, and avoiding keep out zones (KOZs).


Nordson ASYMTEK has developed a high-throughput, precise fluid dispensing process to match the production rate of 15,000 to 50,000 chips per hour (CPH), a typical speed for pick-and-place systems.  The process meets EMMA requirements by delivering a narrow fluid stream with a placement accuracy and an adhesive wet-out zone. The process includes a new jetting technique, new dispensing system, and the use of unique software features.


March 5-7, 2019
WekoPa Resort and Casino
Fountain Hills, Arizona USA
IMAPS Device Packaging

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