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CHInano 2013 - Commercialization of Transducers & MEMS 2013

Suzhou, China

2013-09-24 - 2013-09-27

Nordson ASYMTEK will be presenting on "Dispensing challenges and solutions in accurate sealing for MEMS capping process" at CHInano 2013 Conference on MEMS in Suzhou, China

Nordson ASYMTEK will be giving a technical presentation at the CHInano 2013 / International Conference on Commercialization of Transducers & MEMS 2013 in Suzhou, China

Presentation on September 26, in Session 5

Suzhou International Expo Center

CHInano 2013 

For more information about the conference & expo:


Dispensing challenges and solutions in accurate sealing for MEMS capping process

Mobile applications such as smartphones and tablets emphasize miniaturizing MEMS devices such as microphones, accelerators and gyroscopes for dense functionalities to fit into small form factors. MEMS devices have thus become smaller as well as more popular in mobile applications.  This miniaturization and increased demand create technical challenges for MEMS packaging and capping process equipment, especially in accuracy. This paper will address the accuracy challenges and solutions in sealing dispensing for MEMS capping.

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