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ACI Technologies Free Workshop Series - June 2013

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2013-06-11 - 2013-06-19

Join Nordson ASYMTEK at two different seminars in Philadelphia: BGA Rework/Underfill - or - Cleaning and Conformal Coating

ACI Technologies Free Workshop Series - June 2013

Join industry experts from several companies at the American Competitiveness Institute in Philadelphia for "Five Critical Steps to Conformal Coating Success."

This free workshop, hosted by ACI Technologies in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA), will cover the necessary steps to achieve conformal coating success in electronics assemblies. These steps include circuit board cleaning and preparation, selecting the chemistry, coating, and application methods, and specifying the equipment and inspection techniques.

  • Wednesday, June 19, 2013
  • Meet and Greet 8:15 to 8:30; Presentations start at 8:30 AM
  • Complimentary lunch included

Registration required: Contact Katie Riggan by phone at +1.610.362.1200 ext. 250, or via email at

Topics and Presenters

Circuit board cleaning experts from Stoelting and Kyzen will describe both the batch and in-line cleaning machinery and chemistry required for properly cleaning electronics assemblies.

Plasma cleaning will be covered by Nordson MARCH in their presentation, "A Preliminary Investigation into Enhanced Automated Selective Conformal Coating of Electronic Assemblies by Employing Plasma Treatment Technology".

Coatings experts from Humiseal and Cytec will describe the specific strengths of the different coatings.

Applications engineers from Nordson ASYMTEK will describe the equipment necessary for precise application of coatings. The choice between the many types of conformal coatings will be driven by the final application, whether applied by brush, spray or automated machines.

Customer satisfaction often depends on inspection and confirmation of the coating. Coating measurement techniques and inspection will be reviewed.

Other no-cost workshops and seminars currently being offered by Nordson MARCH: Plasma Technology for PCB Processes - June 25, Ontario, Canada and also offered on July 25 in Orange County, CA


ACI Technologies Free Workshop Series - June 2013

Underfilling with NexJet®

Hosted by ACI Technologies

BGA Rework Workshop FULL - Registration CLOSED

Specific workshop discussion topics include rework, repair, low-volume assembly, prototyping, screen printing for single components, flux gel deposition for BGA/CSP rework and repair, temperature profiling, site preparation for rework and repair, BGA underfill and X-ray inspection.

Dan Ashley (Market Specialist) will be presenting on Underfill Application: Best Known Methods.

Underfill fluids are designed to protect electrical interconnects between chip, package, and circuit board when exposed to thermal cycling, impact shock, vibration or bending.  Application of underfill fluids at the different interconnect levels can vary, depending upon interconnect density and gap between the surfaces to be underfilled.  Optimized dispense recipes can help produce the most efficient yields and maximized throughputs for underfill applications.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 -- 8:30am to 4:00pm with complimentary lunch

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