Adhesive Dispensing Systems

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OptiBond™ Nonwovens Solutions

Nordson variation management systems allow manufacturers to MEASURE, UNDERSTAND and IMPROVE material dispensing across the full machine speed range. The capability to monitor and/or control dispensing in real-time helps improve production efficiency and reduce waste. Available as standalone systems or melter-integrated capability, flow monitoring and closed-loop flow control help produce disposable hygiene products faster, more efficiently and at lower costs.

Nordson offers a broad range of products to help you: improve product quality; reduce material waste; and, increase production efficiency. These include:  TruFlow meters, dividers/splitters, and applicators; GP 200 remote metering stations; Universal Slice applicatorsConcert flow controllers and VersaBlue Plus or AltaBlue Touch melters.

Produce higher-quality products faster, more efficiently and at lower cost with Nordson Nonwovens OptiBond Solutions.

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