Adhesive Dispensing Systems

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EZ Spray™ Nozzles

EZ Spray nozzles maintain precise, consistent adhesive delivery at low- to mid-production speeds, from 25 to 250 m/min (82 to 820 ft/min). EZ Spray nozzles’ robust design delivers nozzle durability and simplifies cleaning and inspection. And, EZ Spray nozzles are compatible with Nordson Universal™ modules.

EZ Spray Nozzles for Construction Applications
  • Produce random, low-density, large-fiber open patterns for absorbency.

  • Deliver better bond performance with controlled fiber size, density and pattern width.

  • Achieve add-on weight as low as 2 grams/m2 at 25 m/min.

  • Maintain cross-web uniformity.

EZ Spray Elastic Attachment Nozzles
  • Optimize adhesive use and placement on elastic strands.

  • Stabilize strand position with patented integral guides.

  • Improve creep resistance.