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Allegro® Elastic Attachment Nozzles

Patented Allegro nozzles use a novel air-assisted contact coating technology to apply hot melt adhesives to single or multiple elastic strands in nonwoven disposable hygiene article manufacturing. This advanced nozzle technology delivers precise adhesive deposition with exceptionally-low variability for elasticized legs, leg cuffs and waist bands on baby diapers, training paints and adult incontinence products. 

Integral strand guides stabilize elastic strand positioning while post adhesive-application process air forms molten adhesive around the entire elastic strand. Allegro elastic attachment nozzles:

  • Facilitate increased production speeds, up to 650 m/min.

  • Support close centers, as near at 2 mm centerlines.

  • Improve creep resistance.

  • Offer durability for easier maintenance and inspection.

  • Stabilize elastic strand position with integral guides.