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Nordson offers a range of hot melt bead and spray nozzles to deliver whatever adhesive patterns are required for specific applications. Hot melt nozzles are easily changeable and provide production flexibility. Our adhesive nozzles are made with quality craftsmanship to provide precise, reliable adhesive delivery and placement. Equip your production line with reliable hot melt adhesive nozzles that increase product quality and productivity.

Additionally, quick-exchange slot nozzles provide complete coating coverage and provide production flexibility.

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Allegro® Nozzles For Elastic Attachment

Allegro® Nozzles For Elastic Attachment Precise adhesive application for high-speed elastic attachment in nonwovens disposable hygiene manufacturing

Control Stitch Nozzles

Control Stitch Nozzles A fine-stitch pattern delivers high bond strength for nonwovens disposable hygiene products

EZ Spray™ Nozzles

EZ Spray™ Nozzles Precise, consistent adhesive delivery at low- to-mid production speeds  

Precision Nozzles

Precision Nozzles Superior pattern placement, flow accuracy and consistency to maximize product quality and reduce rejects

Saturn® Precision Nozzles

Saturn® Precision Nozzles Color-coded rings indicate orifice and engagement sizes for simplified identification and replacement

Speed-Coat® Slot Applicators

Speed-Coat® Slot Applicators Intermittent and continuous coating with precise cutoff and accurate cross-web distribution

Trio™ Variable Dispense Slot Applicator

Trio™ Variable Dispense Slot Applicator Single production pass delivers multiple materials at varying add-on weights for nonwovens disposable hygiene manufacturing

TrueCoat® FS Slot Applicators

TrueCoat® FS Slot Applicators Efficient substrate coating for a wide variety of panels / boards or profiles for furniture manufacturing and woodworking

TrueCoat™ Slot Applicators

TrueCoat™ Slot Applicators Compact installation and simplified maintenance for continuous or intermittent coating

Universal™ CF® Nozzles

Universal™ CF® Nozzles Produce high bond strengths with low add-on rates for high-quality nonwovens disposable hygiene products

Universal™ Control Coat® Nozzles

Universal™ Control Coat® Nozzles Improve product quality and increase pattern flexibility for hot melts on nonwovens disposable hygiene products

Universal™ MiniBead Nozzles

Universal™ MiniBead Nozzles Fine-line adhesive beads and strong bonds at low add-on rates.  

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