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VersaBlue® Plus Melters

VersaBlue Plus melters offer additional optional functionality to enhance production efficiency and product quality. Graphical touch-screen interface; easy access tank and entry panels; and quick connections help VersaBlue Plus melters simplify installation, operation and maintenance.

The “Plus” options include melter-integrated:
  • Flow monitoring and closed-loop control

  • Closed-loop pattern control

  • Module response monitoring

Plus Benefits with IPC control:
  • Automatic adjustment of material flow and pattern to meet requirements.

  • Easy system integration using TruFlow™ applicators and dividers, and/or OptiStroke™ needle stroke detection.

  • Basic monitoring and reporting on melter display; more detailed information can be exported to a laptop or via fieldbus.

  • Optimized hydraulic section for improved response; automated pressure relief at machine stop.

  • Integrated control of external metering devices.