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VersaBlue® Melters

VersaBlue melters precision gear metering and variable-speed drives bring maximum accuracy and flexibility to a world of demanding applications. Intuitive graphic displays and multiple-language operator screens keep daily operation simple.

  • Choose from tank capacities of 12, 25, 50 and 100 liters.

  • Select multiple pump sizes, each with outputs to accommodate a full range of requirements.

  • Equip large-capacity melters with up to four pumps for maximum versatility.

  • Access a wide range of sophisticated control features with the operator-friendly touch-screen.

  • Simplify operation using multiple-language features for non-English-speaking operators.

  • View complete system status on one screen, along with continuously updated temperature and motor speeds.

  • Scan temperature and motor speed control zone by renaming system components and grouping by application.

  • Minimize adhesive charring and degradation with progressive melt and grid tank.

  • Speed installation with quick-disconnect-style I-O plugs, large electrical access for wiring and integrated power transformer for various voltages.