Adhesive Dispensing Systems

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ProBlue Liberty® ATS

The ProBlue Liberty ATS combines the benefits of tankless technology with the operating efficiency of an adhesive tracking system. 

The integrated precision gear flow meter directly measures adhesive volume and alerts the system when the amount of adhesive is out of a pre-determined band.

Benefits of using a ProBlue Liberty ATS include:
  • Ability to track total adhesive consumption, per-package add-on weight and total number of products

  • Real-time monitoring and control via optional Ethernet IP and Fieldbus

  • User-adjustable adhesive volume upper and lower tolerance band limits to identify out-of-tolerance product

  • Reduced char by melting what you need, when you need it

  • Reduced energy consumption

  • Improved flexibility with adhesive storage containers and hose options

  • Easy-to-monitor adhesive levels in the storage container and system status on the melter

  • Easy parent machine integration with free, downloadable starter kits.