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MiniPURâ„¢ Plus Polyurethane (PUR) Melters

The MiniPUR Plus melter simplifies hot melt PUR adhesive application for low-volume users by efficiently processing low volumes of PUR even in intermittent applications.

MiniPUR Plus melters efficiently handle up to 4 liters of PUR adhesive from various forms including slugs and pellet/pastels with minimal waste and maximum productivity.  The versatile melter can be used in automated production or with a handgun to feed wheel pots in a range of product assembly applications including woodworking and bookbinding.

  • Cost-effectively process low volumes of PUR adhesive with this small tank system.

  • Preserve adhesive integrity and extend tank life with low-cost, low-use nitrogen blanket.

  • Easy installation, start-up and operation with few connections and user-friendly controls with graphical indicators.

  • Economically use PUR adhesive with virtually no wasted adhesive or adhesive residue.

The Nordson nitrogen generation system is an ideal solution to efficiently, economically maintain the nitrogen gas blanket for MiniPUR Plus melters.