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FreedomĀ® Hot Melt Dispensing System

The Freedom Hot Melt Dispensing System helps packagers contain costs, simplify operations and increase productivity, reliability and sustainability. Integrated system components work together and complement each other’s performance, reducing operating costs.

Freedom Melter  

  • Minimize char with tankless design

  • Melts only the adhesive you need

  • Closed system with automatic filling keeps out dirt and debris

  • Mounts almost anywhere and allows controls to be placed at eye level

  • Melts and delivers adhesive in up to 70% less time

Optix™ Touch Screen Controls

  • Reduces need for skilled operators

  • Minimizes troubleshooting and downtime

  • Simple text diagnostics, alerts, and fault warnings

  • Multiple language options

  • Component identification provides part numbers, location and installation dates

  • Up to 50% adhesive savings with integrated pattern control and EcoBead™ dispensing

Freedom Hoses and Applicator

  • Energy saving hoses with mounts for easy routing

  • Industry-best applicator service life

  • EcoBead intermittent pattern dispensing capability

  • Self-cleaning applicators dissipate nozzle debris

  • Minimize clogging, downtime, labor and parts costs

  • Insulated covers reduce energy use up to 38%

Freedom-Certified Adhesive

  • Developed to optimize Freedom System performance

  • Improved density reduces consumption compared to standard EVAs

  • Shape promotes easy fill system-to-melter transfer without clogging

  • Superior bonding reduces use and waste

  • Excellent tack and bond strength lets you use one adhesive for multiple applications and substrates

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