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Nitrogen Generation System

The Nordson nitrogen generation system delivers a continuous, uninterrupted supply of 95-99.5% pure nitrogen gas. The use of nitrogen gas is instrumental in Nordson adhesive foaming systems or Nordson melters used to process polyurethane (PUR) hot melt adhesives.

The system requires only a supply of clean, compressed air, such as plant air, and “gas in” and “gas out” connecting tubes. An optional Nordson nitrogen booster can be added to raise gas pressure if needed.

  • Simple set-up and operation with no electrical connections or moving parts. Maintenance is essentially just biannual filter replacement.

  • Membrane separation technology vents unwanted gases allowing nitrogen gas to pass at 95 to 99.5% purity level.

  • Avoid the risk of running out of nitrogen, the associated interruption of production, and the downtime to switch nitrogen cylinders.

  • Eliminate the need to maintain cylinder inventory, and provide for storage and appropriate training for handling.